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Letter to my Muse

Dear Spirit of the Dark Cloud,


I have heard your call for years and have answered you in my spare time, but this has not come close to satisfying you. Your call has only grown louder and your presence ever stronger. I can see you in the back of my mind, a dark cloud with an inner light. You're swelling with rage and impatience, that is no good for either of us. As of late, you have overwhelmed me with the urge to write, but with so much creative energy flooding my veins, it leaves us both frustrated and unfilled, distracting me from everyday activities. The direction we are heading can only lead to destruction, but I am prepared to make you a deal that will benefit us both.


I'll dedicate myself to the completion of novels. In return I expect you to dial it down and focus. You're no longer allowed to flood my being with the desire to write everything and anything.  This will be difficult for you as you have so many ideas, but this is not negotiable—we must focus on one idea at a time. You have so many great ideas, but without focus, they'll never amount to much. 


Since you're a spirit in the form of a dark storm cloud, I'll sign this declaration of intent for both of us, for which we'll both be held accountable.




Desi D

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