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February 2023 4th Circle: Interview with JAMES BROWN (author of RADIO MUSTARD)

1. As a writer, how would you describe your inspiration? And your process?

My inspiration comes partly from other creative works of art in the areas of books, music and movies and partly from everyday living, past and present. The process is quite simple: I usually get a "flash" of a scenario or quote I would like to expand upon, and I write with that quote or scenario in mind.

2. Who is your favorite graphic novel author? And why?

My favorite graphic novel author is Daniel Clowes because "Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron" is a work of paranoid insanity that has kept and keeps me inspired.

3. What would you choose as your mascot? And why?

I suppose the Radio Mustard mascot would have to be the IV bag which contains the yellow substance known as Radio Mustard (an extremely potent psychedelic).

4. How does your experiences influence your fiction? And of course, what is the next story we can look forward to reading from you?

I would say that the first 21 years of my life to be supremely influential in every area of my being, and my fiction is no different. I saw up close the devastating effects of furious power-driven argument, alcoholism, cancer, self-pity, despair, and despondency. More importantly, I also saw, up close, the transformative effects that a personal encounter with God can have on a person's mental structure. It is my intention for these violent contrasts of violent and vulgar ego-driven madness and Divine Redemption to influence every single aspect of Radio Mustard. Readers can expect Radio Mustard Book 2: From the Beginning within the next couple of years.

Boston Quote:

"Old Dirty Boston, especially the Boston of the Combat Zone and of Whitey Bulger permeates throughout Stockinghop."


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