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The 4th Circle: Interview with JASON FISCHER, author of THE HAUNTING OF TOWNE POINT MALL

1. What is it about horror and thrillers that fascinate you? How do they influence your writing?

I find suspense and horror capture my attention more than any other genre, as they play on such primal emotions. Experiencing something so dreadful in a safe environment can be a cathartic experience. Being able to share this with my readers is the main reason I write.

2. What book or movie scared the crap out of you? And why?


PSYCHO because it’s presented as a mystery, and you get deep into the characters. When Marion is killed, it’s a shock, and the depth of Norman’s insanity is chilling. The reveal of his dead mother’s corpse is one of the scariest moments in film history.

PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is a visceral experience. Thinking of another world and our connection to it triggers fear in me. I have an overactive imagination, the director’s minimalist approach made me fill in the gaps, conjuring things that weren’t even there.

3. What is it about anthologies that appeal to you?

In many ways, I’ve found short fiction brings out the best in literature. Knowing that there are only so many pages changes how I process the characters’ experiences. The most gifted writers can get a character’s essence across in a few words. Minimal descriptions of both characters and settings help awaken the reader’s imagination.

4. What is it about the art of storytelling that excites you? And of course, what is the next story we can look forward to reading from you?

Every time I sit down to write, my goal is to open people’s minds and imaginations. I want to scare or bewilder my readers with a new concept. Horror is in my blood.  I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember.

I’m finishing up a short story collection about peculiar behaviors called TENDENCIES, and Volume 2 of THE HAUNTING OF TOWNE POINT MALL is in developmental edits.


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