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September 2020 4th Circle Interview with TommyLee Dean

DESI D: Name one horror author you admire and explain how they helped you become a better writer.

TOMMYLEE DEAN: Joe Hill, if what I once read about him being Stephen King’s son and choosing to not publish under the King name so that his writing would succeed on its own merit is true, I can totally dig and respect that! Stories like this give me drive to also succeed.

DESI D: As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot and why?

TOMMYLEE DEAN: I chose my mascot in the opening rant of my third book when I said, “I am your Puking Jesus. I am the god of the urinal-cake!” And though there’s deeper meaning, it simply sounds cool.

DESI D: Name six of your favorite horror movies or books. Elaborate on any of them.

TOMMYLEE DEAN: Now we’re talkin’!! Naming six is so much easier than only one.


  • Hell Bound Heart – Awesome splatterpunk sadomasochism.

  • It – Come on, creepy clown is always a classic!

  • Haunted – Chuck does a pretty good job writing horror without the supernatural aspect involved, especially in the section entitled “Guts”.


  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, A New Generation – It’s just so messed up!!!

  • Dracula, with Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder – that scene where he decides not to turn and condemn her to his eternal hunger, but she’s begging him to at this point; yeah, breathtaking.

  • House of a Thousand Corpses – Get on my fluffy tail, said the rabbit, and I’ll take you to my rabbity hutch. Hahahahaha-hahahaha-hahahaha; Stab-stab-stab-hack-stab-splatter.

DESI D: What is it about writing that excites you? And of course, what’s the next story we can look forward to reading from you?

TOMMYLEE DEAN: Immortality in this carnal world through my craziness caught on paper, and in digital form, to be left as a legacy if I can’t someday achieve this immortality through medical science. If you haven’t read Brain Pulp, it could be the next thing being it’s back on market @ Amazon Kindle. My agent has submitted my novel, Lou Cifer, to Eraserhead Press, so let’s hope that’s, available soon. I’ve sent y’all my short story “Moo Like a Chicken” to answer your wendigo call. And right now, my second anthology, Collection of Madness, is undergoing its final format, a sequel to Lou Cifer entitled “Luci Fire” is in mock-up while I’m handwriting a vampyre novel, They Nest, in longhand.


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